Imagine being sent to work in Greece for the summer. Imagine "work" requiring that you sunbathe, swim, disco, tour the various islands (with time out for windsurfing, sailing or picnicking) always in the company of one, if not two, beautiful women. This was Peter Gallagher's fate as the star of Randal Kleiser's new feature for Filmways Pictures, "Summer Lovers".

It was, as Gallagher said, a wonderful assignment until it came time to stomp grapes in an authentic Greek setting. Grape stomping is not what you'd imagine, not at all. In truth, the first step in the wine-making process is nauseating. The pungent, heady aroma of fresh squished grapes, in the close quarters of a wine cave, can overpower the strongest stomach. On screen it looks fun, but that reflects the magic of hollywood and the professional acting abilities of Peter Gallagher.

Peter had his hands full both on and off the set. In character, he had to juggle two very different women; in person, he had to balance two very different cultures, the Greek and the American. Excitability is a Greek national trait, and a movie set seems to encourage the extravagant behavior. No matter how heated the unintelligible (to an American) arguments became, Peter never batted his blue eyes. He'd simply wait out the storm with a puzzled smile.

Island hopping is a way of life in the Greek Isles, and the "Summer Lovers" production company hopped with the best of them. Peter's trim, athletic build stood him in good stead, as he traveled from one rugged island to the next, hiking up formidable hillsides on one isle and plunging off cliffsides on another.

Peter did all his own stunts, boldly jumping and diving off 40 foot cliffs into the clear, blue Aegean time after time for take after take.

After three months filming on four different islands of the Aegean, Peter is now back in his native New York City, where he is eagerly catching up on all he missed, and staying prepared for another role, whatever and whenever that may be.

"Summer Lovers" is a Randal Kleiser Production, written and directed by Kleiser. Mike Moder was the Producer and Joel Dean was Executive Producer. It is a Filmways Picture.

The above article is an excerpt from a Filmways press release included in the Summer Lovers press kit.
©1982 Filmways Pictures.


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